Gogoanime is the best and safest site for millions of anime lovers to watch free anime online.

Gogoanime is the best site that allows users to watch anime online from various genres and subgenres including Action, Comedy, Demons, Drama, Historical, Romance, Samurai, School, Shoujo Ai, Shounen Supernatural, etc. We has something for everyone, no matter whether you are under 12 looking for comedy or above 18 looking for something a bit erotic. The free anime on Gogoanime can help spread beautiful messages of love, friendship, family, teammates, magic, etc. Gogoanime provides all the titles for free, along with premium features.

Watch Anime Online Free

Not everyone can afford yearly subscription plans at paid streaming services, especially when the pandemic hits us hard these recent years. Therefore, demands for free anime streaming have increased sharply lately. However, not all free sites are safe. Most sites are ad-supported and ads can carry cyber threats from computer viruses and malware. To watch anime online for free is one thing, to watch it safely is another. And it is the reason Gogoanime is now updated with the ad-free feature. Your safety matters the most to us and we understand everyone deserves to immerse themselves into the anime world with no worries. At Gogoanime, you can watch your favorite anime not only freely, but also safely and smoothly.

What is wrong with Gogoanime?

There is nothing wrong with the site. Anime is not only short animation, some anime series even comprises thousands of episodes. With the widespread promotion of Japanese newspapers and television, more and more people fall in love with this style of Japanese film and television animation. In its home country, there are about 40 million Japanese people who watch anime. Anime is normally based on popular manga (comics), games, or ranobe such as One-Punch Man, Death Note, Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, etc. Gogoanime certainly has something suitable for all ages and genders. No matter what genre you are up for today, you are highly likely to find interesting titles to quench your thirst.

Is KissAnime better than Gogoanime?

KissAnime and Gogoanime are among the most popular sites for free anime streaming. It was difficult to choose which site was better in the past. However, as Gogoanime is now updated with the ad-free feature, we are confident to be the better one. If given a choice, you should always go with a site with no ads for your safety and a seamless streaming experience. Not to mention that the content library, as well as features Gogoanime owns, is also better than those of KissAnime.

Is it illegal to use Gogoanime?

If Gogoanime is accessible in your region, it is legal to stream anime online using the site. According to copyright attorneys, watch anime online is not considered but downloading and sharing pirated files is. Therefore, to avoid possible criminal or civil charges, you should stick with anime online streaming only. To download videos with safety, you should use a reliable VPN to stay anonymous.

Is Gogoanime safe?

Yes, Gogoanime is among the safest sites for free anime streaming. With the ad-free feature and no registration policy, Gogoanime keeps you safe from common Internet risks such as data loss, identity theft, information leakage, corrupted networks, etc.

Is Gogoanime down?

To check if the site is offline or having any problems, you can use this link https://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ for the site's uptime, or visit our social network accounts (gogoanime twitter, gogoanime reddit) for the latest news.

What's the new website of Gogoanime? Which Gogoanime is real?

Like any other popular site, Gogoanime is prone to be fake. After the original site was shut down, fake Gogoanime sites are mushrooming everywhere. Gogoanime.is is currently the one and only official Gogoanime site on the Internet, and you should avoid other sites with Gogoanime in their domain names at all costs for your safety. To check if Gogoanime.is is the real site is really easy. If you have been familiar with the original Gogoanime, you will get the same vibe here. The quality has got better, but we still keep features that created the popularity for Gogoanime. Check out this list, visit the site and be your own judge!

  • Excellent quality anime: Anime is all about imagination, therefore, don't ever settle for less when you can watch them in the best resolution without any ads, buffering, and lagging on Gogoanime. All videos on the site come with multiple subs (and even dubs) for your convenience. No matter what title comes to your mind, you are highly likely to find it on Gogoanime. Should not, simply send us a request and we will have it available for you soon.
  • No app installation needed: Installing an app is not only time-consuming but also risky. Why take up your storage for an app when you can watch your favorite anime as smoothly and safely with a browser? As Gogoanime is mobile-friendly and Chromecast supported, you can continue your binge-watching no matter where you go, when you have free time, and on what device is available.
  • Free anime streaming: Watching anime can be an expensive hobby as everything related to Japan has a tendency to be costly. It makes sense as the translating work alone takes tons of time and effort. However, at Gogoanime, all titles are available at no cost. You do not and will not have to pay any dime to watch your favorite anime here.
  • Streaming experience: Your streaming at Gogoanime is guaranteed to be as smooth as butter as long as your Internet connection is stable and strong enough. Thanks to the site's fast loading speed and seamless streaming feature, you can watch your anime of interest without any interruptions.
  • Watch unlimited anime online: You can watch as many titles as you please on Gogoanime. There are absolutely no limits on the site. Without registering or paying a dime, you can have full access to our content library. You can spend all day long binge-watching anime on the site without hassles. The latest releases are updated as soon as they officially come out. Stay as long as you need, you are more than welcome by us!

Is there a Gogoanime app?

Unfortunately, we do not have any iOS Gogoanime app or Gogoanime android apk currently. Therefore, if you happen to see one, please do not download it to avoid possible scams.

Gogoanime is blocked by my ISP, how to get Gogoanime unblocked?

In case your ISP blocks the site, you can use a VPS to bypass the blocking. To be most updated about Gogoanime's latest proxy sites, please follow us on our SNS platforms. Here is the list of our accounts:

- Gogoanime twitter: https://twitter.com/GogoanimeTeam

- Gogoanime Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/RealGogoanime/

Is Gogoanime no ads guaranteed?

Yes, there are absolutely no ads, pop-ups, or commercials on our site. We guarantee to keep you safe from computer viruses and malware.

Best alternatives to Gogoanime

It is always better to have a backup list of free anime sites in case you cannot access Gogoanime. We recommend you visit ad-free sites only for your safety and here are some sites with zero ads you might want to check out: 9Anime, Zoro.to, and Anime Heaven.